giffgaff celebrates award by… increasing prices

This is awkward timing. On the very same day that giffgaff won the Which? Best Network award for the 7th year running, they’ve also announced that their £5 and £7.50 goodybags will be going up in price.

The £5 goodybag will be increasing to £6 and the £7.50 goodybag will soon cost £8 each time you get one. Despite the increased prices, data allowances will remain the same.

giffgaff explain the “improvements” as part of a move to remain “competitive” and point out that the data allowance was increased on the current £5 plan from 100MB to 500MB and the current £7.50 plan from 1GB to 2GB back in July 2018. They also state that members using these plans “aren’t big data users” and “care much more about minutes”. For this reason, the £5 (soon to be £6) plan will have 300 minutes instead of the current 150 minutes. Meanwhile, the £7.50 (soon to be £8) plan will have 500 minutes, double the current 250.

The changes will occur on May 9th. It’s interesting to see that users of these plans apparently “aren’t big data users”. Perhaps they would be if there was a bit more data included? Either way, the doubling of talk-time will be welcomed by many.

Also from May 9th, giffgaff are increasing the price of out-of-bundle internet charges, up from 2p/MB to 5p/MB. By our maths that means it goes from £20.48 per additional 1GB of overage to £51.20 per additional 1GB of overage.