Strategies for referral SEO

So, you’ve spent hours, days, weeks and months developing your mobile app. You’ve carefully crafted it. You’ve made a beautiful interface, and it’s really, truly useful. You’re rightfully proud of your creation but you’re about to hit your biggest problem.

After uploading, adding a graphic, a video and ensuring there’s a great description, you can sit back.

Or can you?

Many app developers, even those creating apps for big businesses, will come across the same problem. Getting exposure is tricky. Just telling people that you have an app at all is a big task. You can look to perhaps use a SEO Management company as a first option, but big businesses will spend millions in advertisements, just to tell you about their mobile app! They’ll even throw celebrities from the film industry, fashion, business, sports or elsewhere. Sure, it’ll work, but how many don’t have the ability to afford the big-budget TV and newspaper advertising?

Word of mouth marketing for business

There’s a lot of bad things to be said about social media. However, if you’re starting out then it can be your friend. Although sites like Facebook and Twitter will let you pay for advertising campaigns, you don’t have to pay. You can come up with attractive ideas yourself – run a competition to win a free copy of your app, or perhaps a t-shirt. Perhaps a free meal? Promote your brand in a fun and fresh way if you can.

For many potential customers, it’s good just to see a company, brand or app just having an approachable online presence. If you’re actively responding to people on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – people will notice and those people will, in turn, pass on the good vibes.

Likewise, for those who download your app, be proactive with the comments and feedback that get left on the app stores. Thank those who leave good feedback, help those who have problems and remember – the critics will always shout louder, so jump!

Pounce on these comments!

In many US companies, some 65% of the new sales happen via referral marketing. This is a good marketing strategy which – even if you don’t have the money – you can at least spend time on. I’d recommend that you visit this site to learn more about the strategies for this word of mouth marketing strategy. If you do it right and keep at it, this can pay dividends.