Is the death knell sounding for Google Play Music ?

Is the death knell sounding for Google Play Music ?

On 30th April this year, Google is planning to close down the “Artist Hub” of the Google Play Music service.

“What’s the Artist Hub?” I hear those of you who use Google Play Music ask. The Artist Hub is a tool that allows smaller/independent artists to stream and sell their content on Play Music and the Play Store without needing to partner up with a third-party label.

Is this the beginning of the shift of focus for Google, from the Play Music service to the YouTube Music service?

Google recently issued the following statement

With the launch of YouTube Music last year, we eventually plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. In anticipation of this change, we are shutting down the Artist Hub

After April 30, songs that were managed via the Artist Hub will “no longer appear in the Google Play Store or Google Play Music service.”

Up to now, major songs and artists won’t be affected by this, but this is a large change and could possibly be the first of many for Play Music as Google transitions people away from it and onto YouTube Music.

Google Play Music or YouTube Music – what are your thoughts?