Honor UK changes to Honour UK?

How long have we mentioned this eh? I suggested it to the Huawei bosses when I was in China and we asked them again on our podcast…

I know, it might seem a small thing, but explaining it every time someone sees the View20 or another equally excellent Honor handset is a little annoying.

Sure, in most of the world you’ll spell the word “Honour” as “Honor”, but here in the UK it’s confused a lot of people.

“What phone is that mate?

“Ah it’s made by a company called Honour, but you have to Google Honor…”

“How come? Are they American?”

“Err no but… It’s just the way they spell it …”

…and so on…

So today Honor UK are to rebrand as Honour UK… or are they? It is April 1st after all…