When a mobile number for your business isn’t enough

Want to get your floor tiled? Or your bedroom wallpapered? Perhaps you want to have some other work done around the house? If so, you can look out for a local trader. There’s plenty advertised online, in local leaflets and – if you see van outside a neighbour’s house – you might even grab the number from the side.

Trouble is, we all still have that doubt which niggles at us…

“That guy only has a mobile number, what happens if I have problems with his work?”

This is true, and it’s a perfectly reasonable question. If you don’t have a postal address or an office address, how can you get in touch with the tradesman if there’s problems? A mobile number tends to give people that worry, even though it’s the best way to be in touch for the tradesperson. After all, they’re always on the move, so a mobile phone gives them that ability to answer calls even if they’re half-way up a ladder. However, when your business grows you can’t continue to use just one mobile phone, and you may need to redirect calls to someone else if you’re really busy, so things get a bit more complicated. If you’re self-employed and a “man with a van” it’s fine, but you’ll need to switch numbers as your business grows and people demand a “regular” landline number.

So, there has to be a solution which will keep both parties happy. In Australia it takes the form of a 1300 number, and it’s well-known that 1300 numbers are best for mobile businesses. Elsewhere, there’s other options. They give a consistent point of contact, and these 10-digit 1300 numbers are diverted to either a land line or a mobile number. Here in the UK there’s a similar solution. You can either get a local number and then, using VoIP, switch it to either your mobile or a home office. There’s companies that’ll do this for you and simply redirect via a web control panel that you can easily access. There’s also the chance to get 0330, 0333 or an 0345 number. Like the 1300 numbers, there’s no need for extra equipment – you simply connect the new number to an existing landline or mobile of your choice. .You can change this whenever you want to.

These services usually charge a small monthly amount, but if you’re a local business and want to put a single phone number on your quotes and business cards – definitely check these redirect services. It’ll make your business look more professional and you’ll be able to carry on working in the same way that you always have.