Coolsmartphone Podcast 240 – Look at my teeth!

This week, in Podcast 240, I experiment with cross-fading. Yes, cross-fading. To be honest I had to Google it to see what it was. It’s where the audio fades nicely between two tracks. It’s because I record the podcast in various chunks, during trips to work, to the gym and elsewhere. I then splice it all together, so I’ve used a bit of cross-fading so you can hear where I switch topics and sections. Clever.

This Podcast covers Mobile World Congress and I dive into the various announcements …. but, deep down, I had a bit of a problem with MWC 19. Listen in to hear more on that.

Also included in this episode..

– Smartphone-powered click farms
– Cars that tell you what to do
– Making (a small amount of) money from your smartphone
– Going to the gym
– Being unable to talk properly
– Dental work
– Audi drivers
– I’m getting a parcel!
– Great Vodafone SIM-only deal
– Get help with your coverage issues, sometimes for free!


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