Sky Mobile offer unlimited streaming from all Sky apps

Do you use Sky Go? Or Sky Sports? Perhaps Sky Cinema or Sky Kids? If you do, then you’ll know that streaming all the great football and TV content can impact your data allowance.

However, if you’re a Sky Mobile customer then you can use the new “Watch” feature to stream as much as you want with these apps without impacting your data allowance. All Sky Mobile customers are automatically eligible and you can use the service across the UK and EU.

Sky is an MVNO sitting on the O2 network and are selling the Galaxy S10 right now. There are no data usage caps and unused data is automatically rolled into your Sky Piggybank each month. You can keep that for up to three years or cash it in for rewards.

Obviously this is ideal for Sky TV customers, but even if you don’t have a TV package, you can still benefit by streaming Sky News or other non-subscription channels without using your data.

Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile, told us..

We launched Sky Mobile to connect our customers to more of what they love. Streaming films and TV shows on-the-go is now one of the most popular ways to pass time while travelling or commuting – and our new Watch offer makes it easier for our customers to stay up to date with the unmissable must-watch television, from Game of Thrones to F1 races, that we know our customers love.

As a guide, watching a full Premier League match on your phone will suck up 2.7GB of data normally. An episode of Friends would take around 500MB and watching and episode of Game of Thrones will normally chomp up 1.4GB if your data package. With “Watch”, all of this TV streaming won’t use any of your data allowance.