You’re spending longer on the toilet because of your phone

Are you reading this on the toilet? Right now?

Chances are, you’re not alone. It’s something we don’t discuss, but in reality we all take a bit of “time out” and browse on our phones while we’re “making a delivery”. Now, here at Coolsmartphone we do get a lot of companies approaching us with research that they’ve done in order for us to actually mention the company involved. It’s just the way the world works. I’ll get an email from, let’s say, Bobs Sausages, which shows how many people browse for sausages online. It’s all with the hope that you’ll mention their company.

In this instance it’s They’ll basically try and get you a better deal on things. Anyway, enough of that. They’ve done research which shows that us Brits sit on the toilet up to three times longer if we’re using our phone.

We don’t sit there because we need to, we sit there to basically soak up time. They’ve revealed that 61% of men and 37% of women regularly use their smartphone whilst dropping the kids off at the pool. This pushes up the time spent from 5 minutes to around 15 minutes.

But what are people browsing during a code brown? Well, men are looking at comedy sites and playing games it seems. The ladies are messaging people and using social media so, if you get a message from a female friend, a girlfriend or your wife, she might be on the toilet.

Away from the toilet, British men have are unlocking and using their phone 126 times a day on average, whilst women are doing the same thing 114 times a day.