MWC – More flexible screens from TCL

So while having a wander of the booths we came across the TCL booth and on the inside of this booth, we saw some very cool looking folding screens. It turns out that TCL has been working with sister company CSOT in the development of flexible screen tech amongst other things.

Here is the folding screen in action and I have to say it looks pretty sweet,

Now just to keep you grounded these are just screens they are showing here they are not actual devices. the company behind them is CSOT and their business is to make screens. They have been working on developing these flexible screens for a while and they anticipate being able to release theses screens to consumer devices by 2020. Needless to say, these consumers devices will most likely be under the TCL umbrella and feature on future Alcatel products

This foldable tech has been patented by TCL under the name of DragonHinge so they are clearly serious about using the tech going forward. I was quite impressed with how the hinge looks and also how it works. Now I cannot say what it feels like as these demo unit were behind glass but it looks pretty sturdy and one of the better adoptions of this tech. It also may turn out to be one of the more cost effective but that is just mere speculation on my part.

They were also showing of some flat OLED screen’s one of which was an edge to edge panel that can be seen below.

This an impressive screen and is pretty damn good in terms of spec and it bodes well for the future development of TCL phones.

Net to this screen was a slightly different version with nearly invisible bezels which you can see below.

A nice sneak peek at some upcoming stuff from TCL lets hope we see it in a working phone in the near future.