Now even vaping has an app

Back when I used to hit the nightclubs, the smell of smoke was just part of the scene. There was rarely a smoking area, and there weren’t any laws which stopped you smoking inside. Enter a bar or a pub and it would be just the same. Smoke everywhere.

Then things changed, and everybody was banned from smoking inside. Initially it all felt a little weird, and seeing groups of smokers huddled around doorways was strange. However, now if I’m abroad and see people smoking in a cafe it seems equally alien.

As time went by vaping came onto the scene. To begin with this seemed like an alternative for those who wanted to come away from cigarettes and nicotine. For a non-smoker like me it all seemed quite humorous – the nasty yellow smoking shelter suddenly switched into a lovely-smelling outdoor air-freshener. Blueberry, apple, mint, cherry, berry, chocolate and all sorts of other scents would actually mean that non-smokers actually didn’t mind the vaping.

Last night, whilst chatting to my nephew, I found out just how much things have changed. In my head people were still using vaping as a cigarette replacement, but that’s not how it is any more. People actually start with vaping and don’t ever touch cigarettes. There’s apps too, which I hadn’t fully realised, including apps which will actually connect to your best vape device via Bluetooth to tell you how much you’re using it and what level of nicotine you’re taking in. Ideal if you’re trying to lower your level of nicotine intake.

To be honest I wasn’t even aware that vape devices with Bluetooth were even available, so this was a new one one me. Not only that, but Bluetooth speakers are getting in on the act, as there’s now perfect vape devices with Bluetooth devices integrated so that you can have some music to accompany your vaping.