Manchester becomes the UK’s first 5G-connected airport

If you’re heading to Manchester Airport soon, check out the new Vodafone 5G trial area. You can test the new lightning speeds by grabbing a film or TV box set using the 5G technology. Further locations are coming soon, but if you’re at the airport you can now experience speeds which are up to four times quicker than 4G. Vodafone have erected new 5G masts around he airport and, although you might not have a 5G device in your hand right now, you can test out the 5G speeds.

A special 5G “blast pod” is nowin place at Terminal One and there’s free Entertainment Passes being given out to lucky visitors so that you can stream on NOW TV. The speed headlines include an entire episode of Tin Star in 45, or the entire series in just over 6 minutes.

Brad Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Manchester Airport, tells us..

We are delighted to support Vodafone’s 5G trial at Manchester Airport. As we progress with the design and delivery of our £1bn transformation programme, we are constantly exploring how new innovations and technology can be applied to improve the airport experience. As a business with a strong presence in our surrounding community, Vodafone was a natural partner for a trial project like this and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Snow Hill railway station in Birmingham is coming next, so do try and give it a test if you’re in the area. Vodafone is using their Gigacube device, which is effectively a portable 5G router.