Block ads from sites and apps too. AdLock.

It’s fair to say that we rely on adverts. This site wouldn’t keep running without the revenue we get, but the money has gone down quite drastically since everyone moved to mobile handsets. Despite this, we’re determined to keep the balance between “advert annoyance” and required revenue right.

However, some websites – like the Daily Mail – will cram so much advertising onto your screen that it becomes near impossible to actually browse the site. Pop-up videos, auto-play ads, page-takeovers, exit adverts and notifications will send you to distraction.

This, then, is why there’s now apps like AdLock. It’ll run on your Android phone (or browser if you’re on your laptop) and blocks pop-ups, banners and autoplay adverts immediately. No more interruptions and no chance of malware if you stray onto a slightly dubious website.

The advantages, for you as a consumer, are straightforward and obvious. Not only are you getting less clutter on your screen, but your also getting a faster phone. Less scripts will be running, less battery power will be used and you stand less chance of downloading spyware which could slow your device down.

In addition, you’ll be using less of your mobile data allowance. This is something that is of major importance to those who haven’t paid for large data packages, and it means that you’re not paying to have additional advertising data sent through your monthly package.

However, perhaps the best part of ad-blocking apps like this is the fact that it can prevent adverts showing within your downloaded apps and games. This gives a whole new lease of life to free, downloaded apps from Google Play. No more interruptions and annoying pauses in your gameplay as you move through your game. It helps to maintain the flow of the game and stops you becoming upset at the constant delays and hold-ups in the experience.

This particular app doesn’t need any root requirements and costs just £8 per year. The browser add-on is free.