Social Media Stress – Go Offline

We’ve actually received an email about a new book. Yes, a book.

It’s all about detoxing from the constant barrage of social media updates and the intrusion of the online world into your personal time. Called “Offline“, the book has already sparked a bit of debate by revealing the “mind hacks” that companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google and Instagram use to get you and your children hooked on their products.

There’s research into the world of smartphones and social engineering, plus it reveals the methods of subconscious manipulation which change how you interact with your device and various websites.

You can still use your phone to read this particular book for £9.99, or you can get an old-school paper copy for £12.99.

It’s sold as a “must-read” if you or your kids use smartphones and use social networks.

In all honesty, the world that children and teenagers live in has changed so much in the last decade or so. Just giving your child a phone will mean that they can make free lengthy video calls from their bedrooms, they can upload footage onto the web, they can view inappropriate content which may not get stopped by firewalls and they can suffer from abuse and bullying – even in the supposed safety of their own home.

Further details here, or get it on Amazon.