LG Announce a new rolled-up TV

Your TV takes up a sizeable portion of your room. Sure, you can stick the thing on your wall, but it’s still going to be stuck up there and you can’t really do much about hiding it.

Now, however, LG have created a solution.. a rolled-up TV. In this very slick and polished video, you’ll see a possible correlation between the size and price of the house and the possible cost of the TV set…


So, like those TV sets you can have at the end of the bed, it’ll move down out of view. However, unlike those traditional bottom-of-the-bed-sets, it’s rolled up like a carpet and sits in a fairly low-profile rectangular container.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R uses OLED technology and, when your TV isn’t being used, you can finally see either…

1 – That weird corner behind your TV with a billion cables.
2 – A huge amount of dust and stuff you’d forgotten about.
3 – A window (although why would you put your TV in front of a window?)

No news on pricing at the moment, but don’t expect to see it at Asda for £299 any time soon eh?