EE get ready for the new Samsung Galaxy

With the “smartphone plateau” definitely kicking in for Apple and now Samsung too, there’s an eagerness to keep consumers looking to the next big launch of a smartphone. Today EE have added the below tweet and have added a registration page, where you can get the latest updates on the new Samsung launch.

EE tell me…

Big news! The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world.

We can’t say much more at the moment, but it’s safe to say you can start getting excited.

We’re assuming that they mean the Samsung Galaxy S10, widely expected at Mobile World Congress next month and rumoured to have a virtually bezel-free design. More as we get it, but there’s been a lot of interest around this concept video, which shows renders of the phone. It may or may not look anything like the footage shown in the video below, but that won’t stop the hype machine 🙂