We’re going to review a mind-controlled drone!

Welcome again to 2019 then, and this year we’re going to hopefully be starting things off with a review of this, a mind-controlled drone.

Yes, a drone that you can control with your mind! The device, by the looks of it, is a fairly normal-looking drone, however the cleverness comes in the controller. Instead of a hand-held unit with a dizzing array of buttons and sticks, you simply “think” and it’ll lift into the ait.

The makers of this tell me that the UDrone will measure the electrical activity in your brain, track your facial movements, and convert these signals into instructions to control its actions. To beging you’ll need to imagine the drone lifting off the ground, and voila – it does.

We’re hopefully going to get one of these to test, and knowing my tendancy to get distracted, this could end in tears. However, the makers, tell me that you can merely “think” to make it rise and fall. For direction, you tilt your head. To capture a photo you blink twice and you can land by gritting your teeth.

If nothing else, this is going to make me look a bit bonkers 🙂

Let’s hope that the makers have also included an app to find the thing, because knowing my skills at flying these things, it’ll soon get lost. In all honesty, I’ve spent a lot of the Christmas break looking into these things and there’s a great selection of apps for locating, tracking and flying drones. One in particular is called AirMap and lets you know if you can fly in the area you’re in. It’ll use your GPS location to get this detail, and if you get further into this you can also have your own location based mobile application designed and coded by professionals to do something similar.

This particular app lets you discover airspace rules and advisories, plus you can create and manage your pilot profile or plan a flight which adheres to specific altitude, time and airspace requirements

The Udrone is set to be released later this month. We’ll bring you more details when we have it.