Gionee to restructure as they struggle on

Gionee Chairman Liu Lirong

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However, smartphones and gambling have taken a very different journey for smartphone maker Gionee. The company is reportedly now in severe financial trouble and “on the verge of bankruptcy” due to one wayward Chairman.

Wait.. who’s Gionee? Well you may remember how British company Kazam bought and re-branded Gionee handsets over to our shores. For a time they did very well indeed, and we were particularly impressed with the 5.15mm-thick Gionee Elife Slim, which – although 3G only – did great guns for the company just a few years back. Now though, there’s rumours that the Chairman of Gionee hasn’t been controlling his gambling. Now, according to reports in China, some 10 billion yuan has been lost whilst at a casino in Saipan. That’s some $1.4 billion and suppliers haven’t been paid. There’s now 20 suppliers who are trying to get their money from the company.

This all comes after Gionee made quite a comeback in the Indian market. They were incredibly popular and you may remember how their Gionee F205 and S11 Lite packed quite a lot into a budget. However, they’ve been unable to compete with the likes of Huawei, Samsung and Nokia and this – at the end of the day – is part of the reason for their demise.

If true, it would be a sad way to see the company go, but we’ll bring you more as we get it.