Oaxis brings Timepiece, a minimalist analogue watch with heart rate monitor to Kickstarter

I am a huge fan of Kickstarter products and with a slow decline in overly complicated smartwatches, we welcome the news of a Kickstarter campaign from Oaxis for the Timepiece watch. The watch boasts a 30-day battery life using ultra-low energy Bluetooth with step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep analysis, calls/text notifications and will be delivered to backers by March 2019. 

As well as having Swiss made Ronda movements, a stainless steel case and double domed glass, the Timepiece also notifies the wearer about incoming calls and texts, analyses sleep quality and counts steps as well as featuring a heart rate monitor. The device is also water, dust, dirt and sand proof and features a quick release strap.


  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Step counter
  • Sleep analysis
  • Calls & Text notifications
  • Swiss-made Ronda movements
  • Power-saving Bluetooth module from Nordic
  • 1 Month/30 days battery life
  • Easy charging mechanism guided by the contour of the dock
  • Water, dust, dirt and sand proof
  • Stainless steel case
  • Double domed anti-glare glass with LCD Screen
  • Quick-release strap

The Oaxis Timepiece is available in four designs from just $123/£95/€110 on the Early Bird Kickstarter offer. Backers will also receive a free silicon strap.