Mujjo launch their new touchscreen-friendly gloves

Right. It’s cold. We all know that. Well, it is here in the UK at least. Yesterday I went for a lunchtime bike-ride and couldn’t feel my fingers after a few minutes, which isn’t good.

If you’re walking to work, or heading to the train station, college, Uni or walking the dog, you’ve probably had this conversation with yourself…

I can’t use my phone with my gloves on, so I’ll take them off and.. OH MY HANDS ARE COLD! I’ll put them back on!

What if there were some sort of gloves that could let you make precise movements on your phone, but also kept your hands warm?

Well, you need to head to, because they’ve got some all-new Touchscreen Gloves to show us. The company already do other touchscreen gloves, and prices start from €24.95. That’s about £22.19. However, their new ones are €49.90. That’s around £44.37 but, if you hang around on their website, you can get 10% off by signing up to their newsletter.

The pricetag is also validated because of the sheer quality of these things. They have a durable triple-layer top, which is laminated with 3M Thinsulate in a sandwich construction. That gives you excellent insulation and makes them wind-resistant too.

They’re also made from a stretch-knit fleece fabric which fits your hands snugly, with a 4-way pre-curved fit to keep out the cold air. Inside, there’s a layer of integrated fleece to make them soft, warm and comfortable.

A conductive treatment then “mimics” your skin, making it touchscreen friendly. It’s also get clever grippy sections so that you can slide down the screen but you won’t find the phone sliding our of your hand. Clever huh?

Order on They ship worldwide too.

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