Black Friday – Save a little bit more!

As you probably all know by now, the Black Friday madness has properly kicked off. There are endless deals out there and we’re doing our best here at Coolsmartphone to bring you the hottest and the freshest offers. However, if you’re really clever, you can get even more off your next phone or gadget. At this time of year, and as we head towards Christmas, it’s particularly important to check for these extra savings. After all, you’re effectively paying an additional premium that you don’t really need to pay. Using these shopping codes it means you’ll get that Christmas gift for even less.

Best of all, it takes just seconds to do. It’s become a knee-jerk reaction for me whenever I’m buying something online. Every time I get to the checkout screen, there is a magical box which says either “Coupon code” or “Discount code”. It’s so built-in for me now that I get twitchy if I ever leave this box empty. Last week it was train tickets, the week before it was a birthday gift, and yesterday I even managed to get myself a £5 voucher whilst buying some LED bulbs from Screwfix. Come on, you can’t argue with that – money off, or a free £5 is always welcome.


So, if you’re browsing around the many Black Friday deals we’re mentioning here on the site, don’t forget to check for discount codes that you can use on the purchase. Sure, you might not always find one but, when you do, the benefit of a reduction in the price, free delivery or a free gift can be a little gift to yourself and your wallet.

Sometimes you’ll get an Amazon voucher or some other type of card payment too – this is great for those last minute gifts as you can simply slot if into a Christmas card.

As you’ve seen in stories we’ve run here previously, we’re always on the look out for deals and for codes or coupons to make it an even better offer, so we’ll try and include these when we post a deal. However, if you don’t see one in our stories, do be sure to take a look for yourself too, it’s definitely worth your time.