New “Hey Duggee” Spooky Badge released in time for Halloween

Got kids? You’ll probably be aware of the CBeebies show – Hey Duggee. Whether you’ve got kids or not, you’ll have probably seen this clip, which is all you’ll ever need to know about the app..

The show is available in over 150 territories, and there’s been over 50 million iPlayer requests this year alone. It’s crazy popular and now there’s an app for it too – just in time for half-term. You can grab the download via the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

The Spooky Badge, which is produced by BBC Studios in partnership with Scary Beasties, will also be added to the Hey Duggee: The Exploring App, which is £2.99. Children can design their own ghost outfit and pumpkin, plus they get to see a spooky chase scene with Duggee and the squirrels.