A third of Brits are “data illiterate”

Are you data illiterate? Well, a new report shows that not properly using your data allowance can cost up to £300 every year. It’s no doubt because we generally like to over-estimate how much data we think we’ll need. That way, we’ll have too much rather than not enough.

However, if you’re doing this regularly and you’re never using that extra data you’ve paid for then, well, it’s going to cost you money in the long-run.

This has led to the new SMARTY network jumping in to tell us about their more simple plans, which give you money off your next monthly plan for data you don’t used. They’ve also pointed out a survey which shows just how confused people are about the data packages on their phones.

The report shows that a massive 88% of people were completely unaware that daily Netflix binges would eat into their data allowance, and 1 in 3 people survey didn’t know the diffence between KB, MB or GB. It seems that people are confused about how video content shows up on their phone and exactly where data is being consumed from, so sometimes just take a guess at how much data they think they’ll need.

The report also revealed that 14% tried to save on data use by deleting unwanted photos and a massive 38% thought that closing unused apps would stop data being used.

SMARTY runs on the Three network and offers three simple packages with unlimited texts and calls on all three. You can choose the “Small” package for £7.50 per month to get 2GB of data, the “Medium” one for £10 p/m to get 4GB or the “Large” package for £15 to receive 8GB monthly. At the end of the month, they’ll give you money off data you haven’t used, right down to the MB.