EE switch on their first live 5G site

Moving from 3G to 4G now seems like a distant memory. Indeed, on the very, very odd occasion that I do drop to 3G I suddenly think…

My God! 3G is terrible. How did we cope with this?!

But wait, forget about 3G. We’re using 4G and already the next generation of mobile technology is on the horizon. 5G will use brand new technology and radio waves to deliver the fastest and most reliable mobile connectivity ever. EE are putting 5G equipment into the real world with their first site in Canary Wharf. It’s not just a mobile technology though – 5G will mean you’ll have the option of getting home broadband through the air even more easily and readily than you do now.

EE are performing “high capacity zone testing”, and are keen to try 5G where there’s a large amount of people in a relatively small area. They will be targeting hotspots across the UK where lots of people use mobile data. The new 3.4GHz spectrum, which EE acquired in an Ofcom auction, will be used, and the network will be testing performance, speeds and coverage across Canary Wharf. The location is also home to Level39, a tech community of 1,250 start-ups who will no doubt be keen to test out the system if they can.

Mark Nallen, Head of Technology and Innovation, Canary Wharf Group, tells us..

Staying at the forefront of connectivity and new technologies is critical to our community, and that’s why we’re partnering with BT Group to support delivery of 5G. The consumers who live and work here will benefit from being better connected, and the enterprises based here will have the chance to partner with BT Group to understand the full capabilities of 5G.

Of course, you guys won’t be able to use it just yet because you don’t have 5G handsets, but it’s another step along the road to an ultra-fast and highly-connected future.