Making money with your smartphone

Although we all use our phones to pass the time and check out the latest social media trends, we can also use them to make a bit of cash, or save it. Sure, it might seem too good to be true but there are some clever ways of doing this and they’re well worth looking into.

Shop smarter

There are a number of shopping apps around that’ll give you rewards every time that you splash out. The likes of Shopkick and Receipt Hog just require you to carry out simple tasks such as scanning barcodes or receipts.

You won’t make a fortune doing this but you could earn some cash while buying the stuff that you would be buying anyway. It is definitely worth downloading one of these apps before you go shopping the next time.

Another way of saving some cash is to check the supermarket comparison sites, which will tell you which supermarket to head to for certain items.


If you want to set your sights higher than picking up some modest rewards, you can have a dabble at trading stock, currencies or commodities directly from your mobile device part-time.

A big part of this is doing enough research, which can be easily carried out on your phone or tablet. By signing up for market alerts to your mobile, you will receive the information that you need wherever you are.

It is worth noting that not every type of investment is right for everyone. For instance, stock market trading requires a lot of research on different companies. Meanwhile, CFD trading involves complex, leveraged products on a wide range of markets such as stocks, ETFs, FX, and government bonds.

Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

If you’re anything like me, you’ll no doubt have some old clothes, games, DVDs and other stuff lying around. If you no longer use it then you could cash in on it. Trying to sell them can seem like a huge hassle but it is now made a whole lot easier through the availability of more apps – not just eBay.

The likes of Tradesay, Threadflip, Schpock and Poshmark are among the most popular apps for selling clothes on right now. It is also possible to sell old phones you no longer use, on sites such as Decluttr, Glyde, and Usell.

If you have a lot to sell, then you can get set up on Amazon or eBay fairly easily from your mobile. Alternatively, looking for a buyer on the Facebook app isn’t going to take up too much of your time.

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Do Some Work

The recent rise of home-working leads to the image of someone sitting in their house working on a laptop. Yet, isn’t it something that could also be done fairly easily on a mobile device as well?

The fact is that there are lots of jobs that you can carry out on a phone or tablet. This adds a huge amount of extra flexibility to the idea of home working, as you can now earn money no matter where you are.

Why not make your mobile work harder for you by looking to make some extra cash in any of these ways? It can be great fun to do, as well as giving you powerful new ways of boosting your bank balance at any time.