Smart bike lighting. Get Blinkers

Cycling at any time can be a bit risky. I do tend to bore my family about the charity bike rides I do, but the more you cycle, the more you realise that you have to share the road and everybody should take a bit of time. As a car driver, I now give cyclists as much room as possible, and as a cyclist, I understand that it’s not always easy as a motorist to see everything around you.

So, here in the UK the nights are drawing in and we’re getting less daylight and less access to the EU, trade agreements and… WOAH! I went political there for a moment. Ahem.. Anyways, if you’re going cycling in the dark you’re going to need a decent lights. These Blinker lights offer front and rear laser lighting with push-button indicators via a wireless remote control on the handlebars. You also get a rear light which shows a brake light when you’re slowing down.

The whole lot costs £89 from and they’re great for increasing safety and letting others know your intentions. Here’s a video of it in action…

The laser set goes further, putting a circle around the bike so that there is no question about where the cyclist space is. This should help to reduce the number of accidents between bikes and cars.