Gladius Mini – For when you want an underwater drone

I’ve just been watching the utterly disastrous Donald Trump saying how Hurricane Florence has been one of the wettest from the standpoint of water. He also, amazingly, tells the world that the Hurricane was “not good”. Wow.

So, after I’d finished laughing at the utter fool, I received an email about all this miraculous “water stuff” that Trump has just found out about

Instead of a flying camera, it’s an underwater drone built for filming, observing, and exploring. Inside there’s a 4K ultra HD camera and it can go to a depth of 330 feet (100 metres). It’s about the same size as a laptop and will be available later this month. You’ll need to have £1,699 kicking around in your bank account though. There is a slightly cheaper one (the Standard Pro model) which has a bit less storage, doesn’t dive as deeply and has lower resolution cameras). You control it via WiFi – the signal is picked up via a floating buoy on the surface.

Footage can be recorded and then shared easily. You can stream it or save it to the internal storage. They want me to review it but I don’t have anywhere to test it out round here, so let me know if you’re interested in helping us out here at Coolsmartphone.

Get the full details on the gadget here or watch this lovely intro video…