Primordial Radio join an elite group at Vodafone

Vodafone customers lend me your ears! Recently, we mentioned an independent radio station called Primordial which specialises in  rock and metal music but what makes this group special is their use of mobile phone technology and their ability to broadcast from wherever they want.

The online service is a crowd-funded rock and metal radio station started by ex TeamRock/Rock Radio presenters Dewsbury, Moose and Pete Bailey. TeamRock faced a battle when the decision was made to leave DAB to become a full time Internet station. The three directors of Primordial took the idea and combined the knowledge from the big players in music streaming with their years of expertise in radio.

In 2017, they successfully raised £150,000 from the rock and metal community to launch the station and now have over 1500 subscribing members who get exclusive access to presented shows, podcasts, events, and merchandise.

This year they have broadcast from Download Festival, Bloodstock Open Air and Stonedeaf festival, all from a series of mobile phones, no fancy computing kit in the field. The station is Internet only and relies on a subscription service from their listeners for radio free listening. The major issue for most listeners is the impact on their data allowance, which consequently impacts on the subscribes paying their hard earned cash on a radio station and not the likes of Spotify and other streaming services.

Vodafone recently included the radio streaming service as a first into their Music Pass for £5 per month. So now, Primordial share the same space as Spotify, Amazon and Netflix to name a few. Those customers with the Music Pass can stream until their hearts content without effecting their data allowance for the month.

Readers of Coolsmartphone can get 3-months free, no obligation access to Primordial instead of the standard 30 days by follow this link.