Another cheap deal on a 128GB microSD card

Hello there. We’re back. Apologies for the outage today. We’ve been unable to meet the costs of hosting this ever-expanding website this month, but thankfully readers such as Rob Deacon, James McCrudden, Andrew Smith, Dave Jones and Paul Caley added their donations and now we’re back.

I could go on about the reduction in advertising (mobiles have smaller real estate so there’s less space for ads, then there’s the ad blockers plus the fact that we don’t want to add any more ads), but you know the deal with all that.

Thanks everyone. It really means a lot to us, it really does, and I wanted to say a big thank-you to you all.

So, I’ve got a quick deal for you. It’s a SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card and it’s just £21.99 with free postage. That’s all you need to know really. Whack it in your Android smartphone (if you’ve got a slot) and you’ll have bags of additional storage for your pictures and videos.

Head over to for the deal.