The breadcrumbs are back!

I’m typing this on my old Chromebook. Man, it feels good. Like a pair of comfy slippers. Turn on, into a browser, type a bit, close the lid. No updates interrupting the experience. No 5 minute random unknown reboot times. No virus worries. Just productivity power. Love it.

I went off-topic already, didn’t I?

Look, ma. It’s da breadcrumbs!

Anyways, we’ve brought back the breadcrumbs. They’re on the top of each post and they will help you navigate around the site a bit easier. Click on the category and you get a whole load more stories from that particular section.

Not only that, but there’s also a categories list if you want to see all of our 18,000 posts (yes, I’m writing this as the 18,000th one in some sort of weird celebration). Just whack the appropriate button from the menu at the top. It looks like this if you’re using a PC..

Don’t forget that we also have the previous and next stories at the bottom of each post, plus you can do all that sharing malarkey down there too. Oh, and one final thing. We’ve changed all the galleries and images across the entire site so that, when you click on an image, you get the full-fat original image instead of a scaled version. A few years ago we used to compress these images quite a bit and, even if you wanted a bigger version, you would only get a slightly-bigger version. Now you get the full beans because, y’know, bandwidth and all that. Let’s use it 🙂