Now Xiaomi work with Yeelight to launch latest smart lighting

Remember how Xiaomi helped bring us the ROIDMI cordless vacuum? Well, they’re now branching out into light strips too.

Light strips can be placed into or under cupboards, on walls, skirting boards or on ceilings. They’re flexible and can be cut and pasted onto objects around your home too.. Here, as Yeelight, the Aurura lights deliver clever smart home lighting. You can sync the lights with an app and create pre-set lighting scenes or have them flash and change to the beat of your favourite tunes. Plus, because they’re LED, they won’t bust your electric bill.

The lights are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control and they’re about to be launched on Indiegogo.

Head to the official website for more info. No pricing detail as yet but they tell me that they’ll be “cost effective”.