Look at my twanger!

Ever wanted to try archery? Now, with the help of £31.95 virtual archer, you can do it anywhere. OK, so it’s not carved out of walnut, but the plastic device adds a smartphone holder which, when paired with Bluetooth and used with the relevant app, gives you a fun way to pass the time.

You’ll need a couple of AAA batteries to get started and these will last you 15 hours. The PR people tell me that..

If you think archery you’re probably transported to Sherwood Forest, green tights and the days of Robin and his band of merry men. That’s what we thought anyway, until we came across the epic, and totally 21stcentury Virtual Archer.

Whether you’re looking to slay some dastardly dragons or become an ace at target shooting the Virtual Archer will keep you happy for hours, both indoors and out.

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