Jump on my USB-powered hot seat.

Right, short version. This is on Kickstarter right now and you can (if you’re really very quick), pledge just $69 to get one. It’s basically a comfortable, portable, self-supporting seat which has a heat pad to warm your bottom. The power for this is provided via any portable charger, so have a look at our reviews</> and you’ll no doubt find yourself a portable battery to use with this.

Deliveries are expected in January, and it’s ideal for sitting in cold football stands, on benches, waiting for the bus or train or watching any kind of sport. Heck, it’d be great for camping too. The heated stadium chair folds out and you can put it on your backpack, then you just turn it into the chair-shape and sit down. The USB-powered “ThermaGridz” heating technology is quite clever too. Plug your portable charger in and it powers a grid pattern of single core wire wrapped around glass fibre. This iscoated in silicone that produces Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat.

No, I don’t fully understand it either, but they tell me that it’ll avoid any hot spots and a tiny 2500mAh portable charger will keep your bottom warm for 1.2 hours. A more robust 15,000mAh battery will give you a hot bum for 7.25 hours.

(It) penetrates heat deep into the body to relax and warm muscles along with SoftTushion™ foam for the ultimate in seating comfort. The Hot Seat is perfect for people in need of warmth and comfort during long events, practices or games.

They’ve only just launches the campaign today but they’re already a quarter of the way to hitting their $20,000 goal.

No, I don’t know why you’d want a hot bottom on a hot beach, but it’ll let you sit up, which is always a good thing – you don’t need to pay for the sun beds! 🙂

The Hot Seat features three temperature controls (High 115F / 46C, Medium 110F/ 43C and Low 100F/37.7C) on the end of a 12″ cable so you can access it easily. The seat itself is 16″ wide, with a high 16″ back and a 16″ seat. The armrests can be dropped so you end up with a 20.5″-wide seat.

It also comes with four hidden pockets and a cup holder, plus there’s additional features such as a waterproof bottom.

Head to Kickstarter to see a video of it in action, or to back the product. Looks pretty good. I’m interested to see how much it would support my back and how warm it would really get, so I might just back it myself 🙂