Back to school. Keep them safe with this clever watch.

I know what it’s like. Right now (if you’re in the UK) you’re running around trying to buy uniforms and shoes. It’s all hectic and you’ve not even been paid yet. Nightmare.

However, if you want the little guys and girls to be safe, head to the V by Vodafone section. They’re basically selling the V-Kids watch. It’s got a 3 day battery life, it’s water-proof, they can tell the time and you can get it in blue or pink. Cost? £135.

For the adults though, you get to see where your child is. There’s an easy-to-use tracking app that you whack onto your phone, then you get peace of mind knowing they’re safe and sound at school, or when they’re out and about. You can even send and receive voice messages to and from their watch too. There’s also a voice changer and a calculator plus games on the watch too.

All you need to do is pay a £4 monthly fee for the V-SIM and the watch will then connect to the internet of things so that you can be sure that they’re OK. Your child can also hit an SOS button on the watch to alert you to danger.

Head here for all the information.