FuseChicken – Gravity Touch Premium Wireless Charging Base – Review

This rather clever, unassuming and stylish slab comes to us from FuseChicken. This is the bamboo one, but you can get it in leather too, and the thing screams “premium”. It’s $44.95 in the USA and we found it for £48.95 here in the UK. Yes, that’s a lot for a charger, but this really does look at feel top-end.

The wireless charging facility is something that is only available on certain handsets. Generally speaking, if you have an iPhone you’re going to be fine (iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus etc) and the Samsung Galaxy range (S8, S8+, S9 etc) plus select other Android handsets. Definitely check your handset to see if it’s compatible with wireless charging. It’s a great feature but not every phone supports it.

The actual base is easy enough to use. A cable plugs in the top and an LED light tells you when charging is happening. You simply need to plonk your phone on top, and it’s easy enough to place thanks to the phone-shaped design.

Here you can see me using it with a Samsung Galaxy handset.

Around the edges the unit is finished off with bright and polished aluminium finishing. Whether on your desk at work, or on your bed-side cabinet, this fits right in and looks good. The bottom has four small rubber feet to keep it in place too.

All in all, a real premium bit of kit this. It worked perfectly for me and looks like a high-end piece of equipment. Top-drawer stuff. HEad to Fuse Chicken for more information.