How your smartphone can help with your assignments

Struggle with getting your assignments written on time? Don’t know how to organise your daily routine? Can’t finish a research paper before the deadline? Actually, your smartphone can help a lot. 

Gone are the days of hiding away in the school library, when all the students were hunting for the same three or four books to complete an essay or assignment. Now, it’s just a matter of doing some Googling on your smartphone. However, we’re not just talking about using phones for browsing the Internet only. You can use them as real helpers and get assistance in doing your college homework on a daily basis. The same way as Edubirdie can write my assignment – your smartphone can really help you with your next essay or assignment. Below we’ve collated some smart tech tips to help you through.

Smartphones for doing College assignments

We are used to the fact that smartphones and tablets are considered to be a distraction. When you’re trying to do some important homework then the lure of social media can mean that the important work you should be doing is sidelined. To some extent, that is true. If you procrastinate a lot, spending hours and hours on Facebook and Instagram instead of doing your work, then a smartphone is a distraction.

However, if you focus and concentrate then there are many ways that you can use a mobile phone for educational reasons. The market of educational apps is particularly good. Today, we have thousands of useful apps for writing, calculating, and scheduling. Time management is key, so using an app to remind you when work needs to be done is a great first step. The only secret here is to be aware of the best apps for students.

How many educational apps can you name right now? Probably, no more than three or four maximum. And how many of these apps really worth the attention? Probably, a couple only. That’s why we’ve prepared a short list of top educational apps, which will hopefully be helpful and interesting for any student.S

So, let’s have a look at those 5 best apps for college and university students.

Top 5 Apps for Students

We’ve gathered applications for both Android and Apple users. So hopefully, you’ll find something for yourself.


  • Werdsmith. It is a free application, which can turn your gadget into a real writing studio. This app is very popular among professional writers, as it allows to write and format essays anywhere and anytime. Werdsmith has tons of custom features to personalize your writing accordingly to whatever kind of theme and format you need.
  • College Essay Writing Help. It is another free application for beginner writers and Apple users. This program helps to handle writing assignments in a more effective way. For example, here you can create a list of all of your writings in one place, let the app deal with the formatting issues, and calculate how many pages your paper is going to take accordingly to the font, size, and spacing.
  • Essay Writing Guide. One more app for writing assignments. This application is a paid one and is created in a slightly different format than two previous programs. It is a video guide for developing writing skills. Essay Writing Guide consists of multiple video lessons and recommendations on how to prepare writing assignments better.
  • Evernote. If you have Android, you can easily get one of the best online planners for notes in a form of an app – Evernote. It is the number one app to organize your studying process more effectively. This program allows to write, collect, and capture text, audio files, sketches, photos, PDFs, and videos in one place. You can use it as a planner, notebook, or personal checklist. Don’t want to forget about the assignments for the next month? Write them down in Evernote, combining with lecture notes and academic articles step-by-step.
  • And the last but not the least is Unit Converter. How many times have you struggled with unit conversion while doing a lab report? Get your personal converter on a smartphone with this simple app. It is built in a smart way, dividing all units and calculations into different categories. So, check it too.


As you can see, a smartphone is not just about games and social media. It is a great tool to make your educational process easier, funnier, and faster. So, look through these apps before doing your next homework to find out what is going to work for you best.