WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Microsoft return to smartphones

Thought that Windows Phone was dead? Was it really the end for Microsoft Smartphone, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile?

Nokia phones, after being purchased by Microsoft, re-appear with the Microsoft mobile Operating System, but have now returned yet again with Android. The Windows Phone OS, which was the latest in a series of reboots for Microsoft, was perhaps the best, but struggled to compete with Android and iOS. It also didn’t keep developers on board, and sadly – although the GUI of Windows Phone was smooth and fluid – the lack of apps and updates meant that customers went elsewhere.

Now though, we can tell you about the next stage. Let me welcome you to………….. Windows 95 Mobile..

No, of course it’s not real. It’s a bit of a joke but it’s so nicely done we just had to include it here. Can you imagine Clippy on your phone instead of Cortana or OK Google ?

If you really do want your phone to look like Windows 95, there’s themes and you can try an emulator too.