Fuse Chicken Shield C – Review

Watch out. I’ve got me a cable to review. This one is the Fuse Chicken Shield C. Yes, Fuse Chicken. That’s their name and, well, it’s a bit weird.

The company was launched in May 2012 after a Kickstarter campaign and they’re based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was the CEO, Jon, who got in touch with us to promote their cables, and I kinda respected that.

Details of this particular USB-C cable can be found on their website here. It’s $29.95 in the US and there’s a stack of their cables on Amazon.co.uk if you want to get one in the UK.

This, out of the box, is very different to the usual reinforced USB cables that we get. It’s reinforced with 100% woven stainless steel strands, and flexes a whole lot more than the usual “shower pipe style” reinforced cables that we get. This means that we could fold and compact it down much better, letting it fit into jeans and coat pockets easily. Super flexible, but still super strong.

At each end, there’s a collar to stop you getting the infamous frayed ends and sturdy but lightweight aluminum housings which are fully sealed. All of this complete with a lifetime warranty.

It measures in at 1 metre long at this one we have here is a USB-to-USB Type C but they have plenty to choose from.

Yes, the cable is a little more expensive than the cheaper non-armoured alternatives, but it’s going to last and last. No more breakages, splits and frayed cabling. Instead you get a very strong, very durable cable which will go on and on and on. Head here to get one.