Need emotional support ? Tell a Buddy

I’m one of those people who just didn’t have a phone at school. Even at college, the mobile phones were basic and therefore less distracting than the phones of today. Trouble is, the phones of today can let a lot of the world into your life.

With social media now seemingly a necessity for those in schools, colleges and universities, it can become all too easy for hurtful comments, bullying and worries to find their way into your home.


A new app is here to help. It’s called “Tell A Buddy” and delivers online counselling and “life management”. If you’re dealing with issues like this or you’re perhaps bogged down by stress, this offers a discreet and anonymous avenue for getting professional help.

If you’re facing relationship issues or your perhaps worried about career, they can help too. The developers tell us…

You’re not alone, there are ways to get through any situation you’re facing. Take that first step towards your emotional wellbeing. Find what works for you, and the motivation to continue forward will come.

Just a few short years ago, we were worried about “shaming” sites where website owners would simply setup a website and word would spread quickly. It would be all too easy for others to upload sensitive information, but it was only one website. Now, there’s apps and many social media outlets and escaping the channels of communication is becoming increasingly difficult, so head to Google Play and do a search for “Tell a Buddy” now to find out more.