Running low on juice? Strap a brick to your phone!

Good morning you good people. How’s things eh? Good?

Great. Now, we’ve had an email from “Joe”. He’s from a company called Brickspower. They do these wireless charging bricks which attach to the back of your phone. Then it’ll wirelessly charge your phone. Magic eh? No need to hunt out a power source or faff around with a cable. It’ll just magically trickles the juice into the rear-end of your phone.

For those of you who don’t have wireless charging, there’s a “receiver accessory” which we can’t seem to find a photo of, but I presume it’ll be the same kinda thing but with a tiny cable to plug into your charging port.

Joe tells us that…

The design concept of Brickspower comes from the bricks, colourful and creative, you can combine the charger and the battery just like bricks. We also developed the stickers with the nanostructure, which can use infinite times. Unlike many other wireless chargers, Brickspower does not require a highly accurate position match. The nanotech equipped sticker guarantees a continuers charging process, and it is the real portable wireless charger.

I think what he’s trying to say there is that you can basically stick them onto your phone quickly and easily. Head to the video on their site for more detail. The project will be launched on Kickstarter around mid June, so if you want one, get onto their mailing list at the bottom of their site.