Samsung Galaxy S10: Release Date, Price and Specifications

Barely a couple of months into the launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9, the world has already turned its eyes towards the next in line – Samsung Galaxy S10.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the company’s flagship series, the Galaxy S10 is touted to be one of the most significant releases in the tech giant’s history. As phone case manufacturers release the new S10 cases we get a better understanding of how sleek the design will be. It has been given the codename ‘Beyond’, highlighting Samsung’s intention to launch a device that defies the norm and blows its competitors, such as the iPhone X, out of the market.

We have rounded up all the news and rumours that have been doing the rounds regarding the release date, specifications and price of the Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

Although it is too soon to predict the release date with certainty, according to recent rumours, the Galaxy S10 is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2019.

This would fall in line with the release schedule of previous phones in this series – Galaxy S9 was released in February 2018, Galaxy S8 was unveiled in April 2017 while Galaxy S7 made its way in March 2016.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) show in Barcelona, scheduled to start on 25 February next year, is considered the most likely event to witness the launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features and Specifications

If rumours, led by prolific Twitter and Weibo tipster Ice Universe, are to be believed, then Galaxy S10 is going to offer several significant upgrades to the handsets currently out there.

The screen resolution of the phone is expected to exceed 600 ppi, putting to shade the resolutions of iPhone X – 458 ppi – and Samsung’s own Galaxy S9 – 570 ppi.

Ice Universe also tweeted that the Galaxy S10 will have an even smaller bezel and an increased screen to body ratio of 93% as compared to that of Galaxy S9, which has a screen to body ratio of 83.6%. The screen size of S10 will be increased slightly to 5.8 inches while that of S10 Plus will be increased to 6.3 inches.

Galaxy S10 is also expected to be Samsung’s first smartphone to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The technology was supposed to come out with the upcoming launch of Galaxy Note 9 but several sources have confirmed this to not be the case, meaning it will most likely be a part of Galaxy S10.

According to the reliable Ice Universe, Galaxy S10 will also be the first smartphone ever to support 5G connectivity. You will now be able to enjoy super-fast internet speeds wherever 5G technology is available.

To rival the Face ID scanner introduced by Apple in its iPhone X, Samsung has reportedly partnered with 3D camera firm Mantis Vision to introduce a state-of-the-art 3D Face Scanner in the Galaxy S10. It will allow a much more secure user experience while also improve AR Emoji, the company’s AR-powered emoji.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Name and Price

Going by the naming history of the Galaxy S series, it would be fair to assume that the next one will be called Galaxy S10. But that might not be the case. In a recent interview, the President of Samsung Mobile, Koh Dong-jin, remarked,

“Although Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system.”

This could mean that the ‘Galaxy S10’ could, in fact, be called Galaxy X. But that is also the rumoured name of Samsung’s planned foldable smartphone. So it remains to be seen, what the final name of the device will be.

Talking about the price, the Galaxy S9 was launched in the UK starting at £739 while the S9 Plus was launched at £839. So the power-packed Galaxy S10 should average around £800 while the S10 Plus should be around £900.

Things should become clearer in the coming months. So watch out for updates on this piece only on The Fone Stuff.

Author: Pritesh Vekaria, Director at The Fone Stuff