Smoking is bad for you, but this.. this is still cool

In my head, I’m James Bond. I walk with a confident swagger and drive luxury cars. In reality, I wear strange socks and I’ve only just got rid of the Audi that had started pumping Diesel fumes inside the car.

So I want to spend £22.99 on this watch. It’s a rechargeable wrist watch that’ll tell the time, but it also lights your cigarette! Come on now, that’s cool. I mean sure, smoking is an utterly terrible thing to do, but when there’s a birthday party and someone says, “Hey, we need to light the candles”, you can sprint in and save the day with your super fire-making watch.

A part of me also thinks this would be great for lighting the barbecue or starting a camp-fire.

The Amazon listing states that…

Very smart looking Watch suitable for any business man, very easy to use. Fantastic novelty gift.

Man make fire. Watch make fire. Me want watch.