Nintendo E3 2018 as it happened

Welcome, So the rules for this coverage are:

  • I won’t talk about Pre/Post shows in detail only mention what they are doing for them
  • No event screenshots, Not because I can’t but because the stream quality isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to force that on you but new trailers will be here
  • I will be added trailers where possible
  • I will try to cover all the key features mentioned and extra I believe matter
  • I will be opinionated if there is something I don’t like

No Pre show from Nintendo but a nice graphic featuring the Joycons and switch. This is a direct video meaning no presenter. Similar to Square Enix’s

Rock music is now play for the trailer of some form of mech game where you fight bigger mechs. The game play look exciting. Daemon x Machina coming 2019.

Japanese voiceover the trailer for this game. In 3d and showcasing the graphics is a nicer touch as it looks really nice. Clearly a anime style game, it looks to only be in Japanese. The Combat is final fantasy reminiscent, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Here is Nintendo America’s CEO Reggie Fils Amie. He is holding a Joycon that he slots into the switch console and begins talking about the new pokemon games coming out this year. He also shows of the Pokeball Plus. A new piece of hardware. The game and hardware come out November 16th.

Now for Mario Party for Nintendo Switch. It allows Multiple console integration so that there are two screens players can look at. Four players can still compete using the Joycons and the movement controls. Super Mario Party has no release date attached.

Now for another game. Fire Emblem Three Houses. The turn based combat and strategy displays part of the smaller picture of what this game is. The Anime transitions make this very interesting. Spring 2019.

Fortnite is coming to the switch and here is the trailer. Finally the Battle Royale game can be played anywhere. The experience isn’t adding to the overall gameplay but it is all out today.

Overcooked 2 is now on the way as a fresh announcement. Hopefully multiplayer is coming to all console but it has been confirmed for August 7th.

Killer Queen Black & Hollow Knight have also been announced coming to the switch this year.

Octopath Traveller has a demo coming June 14th to.

Starlink is once mentioned again.

Arena of Valor

Captain toad Teasure Tracker

Crash Bandicoot

Mark of the Ninja

Fifa 19



Fallout Shelter

Dark Souls Remaster

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Wolfenstien 2

Megaman 11

Mario Tennis Aces

Now Live to Japan. A member of Nintendo is talking about what is coming next. Time for Super Smash Bros. What is it? Well its a action game about smashing well known game characters off the screen to win. Here is the roster. Mario, Samus, Kirby, Bowser, Link, Donkey Kong, Fox, Falco, Marth, Zelda, Shiek, Villager Meta Knight, Mewtoo, Sonic, Peach, Pikachu, Ice Climbers, Inklings, Wii fit Trainer, Captain Falcon Zero Suit Samus, Lucas and Ness, Ganon dorf, Cloud, Snake, Pichuy, Jiggypuff, Diddy kong, Ryu, Lucario, Robin, Bayonetta, Mr game and watch, R.O.B Dark Pit, Pit, Corrin, Bower Junoir, King Deedee, Little Mac, Pac-Man, Shulk, Wolf, Mega Man and more but I just can’t keep up with the video. Every Fighter in the history of the game is in the new game. The starting roster will be from the Nintendo 64 and also 8 Player battles are back. There are new features to the characters, Breath of the Wild feature and Mario Odyssey have features. There is also a Female version of Pikachu. Now to talk about stages. There are stages from previous games along withe a bunch of new ones. There a two version types of each stage as well. A new controller is also coming for this game. The Nintendo GameCube controllers will be supported along with all amibos figures having functionality. A new boss for the game is also announced, Ridley. Coming out December 7th 2018.

And there we go that is the end of Nintendo’s Direct video and also the end of E3 press conferences. But E3 runs until the end of the week so expect more announcements, trailers, and news in the coming days.