Square Enix E3 2018 as it happened

Welcome, So the rules for this coverage are:

  • I won’t talk about Pre/Post shows in detail only mention what they are doing for them
  • No event screenshots, Not because I can’t but because the stream quality isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to force that on you but new trailers will be here
  • I will be added trailers where possible
  • I will try to cover all the key features mentioned and extra I believe matter
  • I will be opinionated if there is something I don’t like

The Halfway point for E3 this year is covered by Square Enix, honestly I believe this company is bringing the most exciting lineup. There isn’t any pre-show here so its just sit and wait for the lights to go out.

The CEO of Square opens with a welcome message spoken in his native language of Japanese with subtitles.

They kick of with Shadow of the Tomb raider. We saw a bit of this from Xbox and this seems to be a different trailer from before. And now for some actual gameplay. Lara seems to be upholding some stealth values and the graphics for the game are something to mention as they look amazing. Doubt they can stay the same for launch if I am honest. The demo is being played on Xbox and therefore could be the work of the Xbox One X. The bow and arrow usage is something that reminds me of Assassins Creed Origins. The combat is offering new depth and full underwater exploration.

Next title time. Stormblood Final Fantasy Online. An MMORPG that is exploring a new part of the FF universe. Moonlight, the expansion name comes soon with a Monster Hunter crossover.


Now to see more of captain spirit from the Life is Strange universe from Don’t Nod. It comes for free and isn’t Life is Strange 2 but does look to introduce new characters. Here is more from the game which shows “Captain Spirit” showing of an new costume.

Here comes a heavily stylised game in which the main character on screen briefly reminds me of Trunks from Dragonball. The game is Dragon Quest and looks to offer a array of interesting characters. DG11 comes out 4/9/18.


A teaser adorns the screen showing snippets of information such as old dates referring to this games timeline. Babylons Fall comes out in 2019 on PS4 and Steam. IT looks to deliver a combat focused experience.


Nier Automata is next showing gameplay from it. It came out last year on PS4 and now is heading to the Xbox.


Nintendo Switch title featuring “8 Brave souls” is coming July 13th. Octopath Traveller.


Just Cause 4. A personal excitement of mine. It looks to continue its crazy ways and has Rico returning for another hit. Set in South America and will offer much more variety of enviroment including in depth extreme weather. Hurricanes, Sandstorms and Blizzards can get in the way for new gameplay opportunities. Now there is a new customisation grappling hook with many more features than before. New stakes offer brand new story and combat has been overhauled to present more of a challenge. All powered by the Apex game engine it certainly looks to be a enhanced Micheal Bay simulation.

Live action trailer now. The Quiet Man is certainly a new title. With a very short trailer and that ended with “More to come in August”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is showing the trailer from Xbox’s conference that was yesterday. Elsa in KH3 is interesting really. Is it time to “Let it go” yet? Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on JAnuary 29th 2019.

Square seems to be cutting short from all the other things I thought they’d be showing which seems to be a shame. I am left wanting more. Next Ubisoft time.