Bethesda E3 Briefing as it happened

Welcome, So the rules for this coverage are:

  • I won’t talk about Pre/Post shows in detail only mention what they are doing for them
  • No event screenshots, Not because I can’t but because the stream quality isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to force that on you but new trailers will be here
  • I will be added trailers where possible
  • I will try to cover all the key features mentioned and extra I believe matter
  • I will be opinionated if there is something I don’t like

The Pre-Show for Bethesda is looking back at past big moments from their last two conferences. A 30 second countdown and a bit about who they are as a company which then leads to a action packed teaser trailer to the show.

Pete Hinds comes out on stage the CEO of Bethesda. He is talking a bit about the company and the fans. He announced they are the number one ranked publisher for games in the world. He then introduces Rage 2.

Rage 1 wasn’t a game that was particularly well received. A man walks out on the stage and a band begins playing loud music with Rage 2 on the screens above. I don’t quite understand what is going on as it’s a new one of me. After a very below-average performance we will hopefully see the game. They made sure to show the drummer playing barefoot. Still don’t get this thing. We are here for games.

Two people from the development team come on stage. One announces “Rage is back” but I don’t quite know who wanted it. Cringe. They don’t quite know what they are doing or know what they are saying. Have they rehearsed this? Finally they begin to introduce gameplay. The game is centring itself around a world that has been killed off mostly by an asteroid and the last ranger of the earth whinging about his existence. This game is screaming Mad Max reskin in a cross over with borderlands. So far in the gameplay trailer it feels like they have thrown in Doom game play because it works in that but the protagonist hasn’t even been challenged. But a boss has appeared towards what I can hope is the end. But then it cut to different footage and another below average song that brings me even further out of the experience. Out in Spring 2019.

Elder Scrolls Legends. A trading card game to rival, badly, Hearthstone. Now for some action packed gameplay of a trading card game. Yes, thrilling.

Now for an actual game. Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Expansion. ESO now being available on Game Pass up to the expansion just before this new one. The new guy on the stage is talking about how much he plays the game he works on. The introduction of werewolfs and returning “known” areas.

Doom comes on screen with a more classic looking logo. Doom: Eternal is a squeal to the Doom reboot from a few years go. More to come from Doom at Quakecon but a little trailer was shown.

Something Quake now. Quake Champions is adding new features to make it easier to jump in with friends. This week only Quake is going to be free to play before it launches. If you get in and download you can stay playing after the trial closes. Now for a gameplay trailer. Free now June 10th to the 17th

There is a new free Prey update bringing new modes such as New Game Plus. A DLC expansion is coming to. The development team talking was cut abruptly to show the game play trailer that has “You spin me right round” playing over it. It appears a mode where you havce to escape the moon. “Moon Crash”. There is one more thing coming this year for Prey. A PvP mode where people can play as Mimics. Sounds a lot like Prophunt from Garry’s Mod.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, its coming to Nintendo switch very soon and a new game. Wolfenstein Youngblood. It feature BJ’s two young daughters in a Co-op game. Time for some game play. Set in 1980s Paris the Nazi controlled world is still under their control. Coming 2019.

VR Tech now. Both of the previous franchises are going to have VR modes. Prey and Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot. They will be separate from the base games.

Finally! Fallout 76! Todd Howard is introduced to the stage. He thanks the crowd watching. He also mentions he is in his 25th year of his career at Bethesda and the history of E3. A Trailer begins with Skyrim graphics, a funny Skyrim on amazon’s Alexa. It keeps coming in and out referring to his partner. Quite entertaining. Hopefully I can find the video to link it here. Fallout 76 is a prequel to all the other games. Set in the hills of West Virginia. The trailer begins the same way the one from the Xbox briefing does. It continues to be the same from earlier. Now we are actually seeing gameplay. There is a new style Pipboy is shown. The door opens into a busy world of trees. New lighting and weather effects are in this game. Fallout 76 is a Multiplayer game. Every bit of the game is online. You can still play this game solo. This game will have all of the progression that comes with the player in each world. A Public informational video is on screen describing the game along with showing more gameplay. Emotes are also going to be in the game. A range of new enemies and challenges await the multiplayer team or solo. Building Mechanics will also play a big part as you can build anywhere you’d like to. There are Nuclear weapon sites on the map that players can use. Customisation of power armour is something that seems to be taking a front foot. Paint schemes and different styles can make you stand out. Dedicated servers will support the game now and for years to come. A Beta (Break-it. Early. Test. Application) will be available soon. A collectors edition is also being announced with a Helmet that has a headlamp and voice modulation. 14th of November 2018 will be the release date of this game.

Fallout Shelter is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 tonight/morning.

Elder Scrolls Blades is coming out on Mobile. This is not on console (yet), but it a console level graphics and content. This game can be played in Portrait mode. Pre-order stating tonight for free.

A new IP is being announced that is in space. It is called StarField.

Elder Scrolls is also getting a new title. Here is a teaser. Elder Scrolls 6. And after that trailer the Conference is all over and done.