Xbox E3 2018 Briefing as it Happened

Welcome, So the rules for this coverage are:

  • I won’t talk about Pre/Post shows in detail only mention what they are doing for them
  • No event screenshots, Not because I can’t but because the stream quality isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to force that on you but new trailers will be here
  • I will be added trailers where possible
  • I will try to cover all the key features mentioned and extra I believe matter
  • I will be opinionated if there is something I don’t like

Xbox’s stream is loaded, the screen is similar from previous years with the logo and title front and centre. Those will most likely be Phil Spencer as normal along with various faces from Xbox’s different departments and teams.

Here we go with a count down from 10 into the E3 Briefing room and into trailer for an unknown game. So far we’ve seen some deer and a Rhino. This looks to be Halo, and it is. Halo infinite appears on screen and now into the briefing room again and Phil Spencer is welcomed into the stage. He speaks about Halo and then welcomes the crowd and viewers and thanks people for watching, are we done already? Phil talks about how gaming impacts us and links us to one another and how it is a part of a bigger community and the best “unifier”.

50 games, 18 exclusives and 15 world world premiers will be shown today. Lets jump in.

We kick of with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It is exploring a new part of the world with new enemies and game mechanics.

Time for a world premiere. From Software and published by Activision, Samurais with bone arms and such. “Your death won’t come easily” spooky! It reminds me of dark souls kinda gameplay and its the same kinda gameplay. It is called Sekrio.

“Please Stand by” Its Todd Howard and Fallout 76 time. Its very surprising to be talking about this game. Fallout 4 comes to Xbox game pass today. Here comes a look to of the new fallout. This is prequel set in West Virginia. 4 times bigger that Fallout 4. Pre-orders available on June 15th. And after the trailer more can be expected later on at the Bethesda Conference.

Next world premiere from Square Enix. Looks to be a Life is Strange story coming on June 26th so not far away. New Characters and new part of the world. I guess there is new powers revolving around a father son story. Captain Spirit. Free to download.

Exclusive. Crackdown time. Terry Crews seems to be the main character and the game play looks quite refines and armour upgrades is back with a good level of destruction. February 2019 confirmed but will it come out then? Who knows.

Nier Automata is coming to the Xbox after a year out on PlayStation so only a short time on that.

Metro Exodus which has been pushed into 2019 already. A new trailer with a lot more, what seems to be, story telling than the first. Players from previous games also feature in this trailer. A clear show off the weapons along with a release date 22nd February 2019.

All the way from Japan, Kingdom Hearts is first on Xbox ever. Elsa is in the game to. This is a massive Disney Mash up. January 29th release date.

Exclusive time. Sea of thieves came out earlier this year but this looks to show the development road for the future. Sounds like a new places to sail to and find some treasure. Forsaken Shores and Cursed Sails are the names for two expansion packs to come.

Battlefield V. Hopefully more depth can be added from what we saw yesterday. This seems to be a story trailer, and then we moved on straight away.

Now a racing game. Forza Horizon comes in with a new entry on a trailer showing off the Mclaren Senna and a new location powered by the Xbox One X. They are showing off a Hover Craft and better destruction. Here come a representative of the development team to talk about the game. Set in Britain, Dynamic seasons. Every seasons completely changes world with every change. There are animals in the fields still. October 2nd launch included in Gamepass.

Phil Spencer is back on stage now. He is talking about investing more into current titles and new ones. He is announcing a new studio called “The Initiative” based in Santa Monica. Undead Labs is also joining the Microsoft banner after release State of Decay 2. Playground Games also joins the Microsoft umbrella. Also hinting at a new open world game. Ninja Theory are also now with Microsoft who made the Hellblade game. Compulsion games is the last studio to join Microsoft. Now We happy few is back on the E3 stage and a big difference from when it entered game preview two years ago. We Happy Few sees full release on August 10th 2018

Console Launch game here for Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Been in game preview for a year now and still isn’t running amazingly so this is very surprising. Full release Winter 2018. The Trailer is showing off a new map and weapons with a new “War” mode. Finally a new Snow map is on the way.

World Premiere time of Tales of Vesperia a Anime style game feature similar battle mechanics from Dynasty Warriors.

Now for the Division 2’s first look. Explaining what happened during the first 27 days. It trailer does not show game play yet. Now there is game play. Set in a place high in foliage and greenery it showcases a completely different look on the franchise. You can sign up for the beta today. The UI remains very much the same along with the AI assistant. That will be for Ubisoft Conference soon. The Division 2 will release March 10th 2019.

Now for some Game Pass news. Fast start is a new way to download games and the key parts to games based on what you play which is different from “Ready to play”. Halo the Master Chief Collection is coming soon along with Crackdown 3 and Forza Horizon 4 is coming. Today though. Tom Clancy’s the Division, Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 all launch today on Game Pass all enhanced for Xbox One X.

Now for a Game Pass/ID@XBOX trailer for all the new games coming soon.

Tomb Raider’s new game is coming to multiple platforms which end the exclusivity deal from previous games. Shadows of the Tomb Raider comes out September 14th.

Here comes a new skating game with a Eminem track overlaid called “Session”. A new franchise taking on the genre.

Black Desert Online was announced last year for Xbox but hasn’t yet came out so there should be a date this time around but there inst however, Autumn 2018 Beta is on the way.

A new game here from CapCom called Devil May Cry. A new entry in the franchise has been hinted at for a while and this a surprise. The Trailer showcases a intense battle on the streets of the UK. The trailer is pre-rendered so no gameplay. Devil May Cry 5 comes out Spring 2019. The game has been ion development for 4 years. 10 years since the first game DMC is back trying to deliver a perfect new entry. They believe it to be the best Action game they have ever created.

Console Launch Exclusive time. A Expansion to Cuphead here. A new character is here and more content coming 2019

A new game on screen now. This is a 2.5D game in a cartoon sort of environment that has a cute little fox as the main character. A hack slash style of gameplay in combat. Called Tunic and made by one developer.

Bandai Namco has their next game here. In a world premiere a new combination of Anime characters get chance to battle it out in a fighter. Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece all feature in the trailer. Jump Force comes in 2019.

World Premiere. A new game set in a dystopian future with choices that change the look and feel of the game. The second game in the Dying Light franchise. Dying Light 2. This is a new vision to the franchise. Now for a gameplay demo. The Parkour of the first game still heavily is a part of the gameplay and mechanics. The actions you make have a direct effect on the world. The idea behind this mechanic means each players experince will be unique.

Hear comes fan favourite, the reboot of Battle Toads. After years of nagging they are back.

Just Cause 4. Rico is back in the action packed Explosion fest that is the Just Cause franchise. The setting is new and there are new vehicles and technology. Coming out December 4th 2018.

Gears of War’s logo appears on screen. Pop vinyls of the main characters appear in the style’s environment. GEARS pop is announced. Pop Vinyls have became huge hit and therefore sounds like a great idea. Also another game in the style of Xcom call Gears Tactics. Gears 5 is also now mentioned as the biggest world they have ever created. Here comes a pre-rendered trailer. This story seems to follow Kade. The female character in the franchise. This is a prequel to the franchise by the looks of it. Coming 2019

And that seems to be it. Phil Spencer is back on stage and is talking about all the games we’ve seen to today. But wait, he could be going in a different direction talking about AI and committing to the future. A streaming service is on the way to “any device”. And now mentioning that teams are working on the next Xbox and other projects that will contribute to that. The screen behind them seems fail and more into another game trailer. CYBERPUNK 2077 is finally shown. The next game from CD Projket Red the creators of the most adwarded game ever. This is a completely different style of anything done by them in the past.

And now for the look back trailer. Featuring Generation Zero and Pro Evolution Soccer which were not in the conference until this.

And finally for a bit of flavour, Also thank you for reading my run through.