Filofax eniTAB360 Tablet Stand – Review

Getting your tablet to stand on its own normally requires some sort of folio type case. You know the sort – those ones that fold back onto themselves. However, they only hold your device at one angle, which typically isn’t “just right” to view content. Plus, if you use tablet naked (poo missus), well that means some sort of improvised propping up. Perhaps a book or a tin of beans.

Well the eniTAB360 Tablet Stand by Filofax may be the answer. The stand itself is made from grey plastic hinged and with a turntable.  This turntable has an adhesive pad (one of those pads which remains sticky and allows you to re-use), thus enabling you to turn your tablet from portrait to horizontal easily.

The base is 16cm long and 7cm wide, then the hinge and the top part is 12cm high and the same 7cm wide. The circular overlay is 9cm across.


In Use:

The review unit I was sent through was the small version, which is to be used on tablets no greater than 8.4 inches, the adhesive pad securely fitted the stand to my tablet. It was nice and flush and meant that it would still fit inside a sleeve case, but the stand couldn’t be used with folio cases or snap-on backs. There is a clip at the back that says it’s for cases, I pretty sure that this is something that’s compatible with Filofax’s own-brand cases.

I found that the Filofax Tablet Stand allowed me to view my tablet at any angle, so I could get the optimal angle for watching media, typing with a Bluetooth keyboard etc. It was easy to setup, easy to use and reliable too.

The Filofax eniTAB360 Tablet Stand is available in grey or black for £14.99 from Filofax.