Anti-Radiation patch for smartphones

The radiation levels from mobile phones used to be a massive issue for consumers particularly when we had huge aerials back in the late 90s and early 00s, but it seems to have fallen away from the public eye. The reality is that phones still emit radiation in various quantities, a Swiss start-up company, FAZUP, announced a patch specially designed for phones. Fazup is an extra thin patch including a passive antenna that regulates and reduces the radiation emitted by the mobile phone towards the head when a call is made and towards the body when a person carries a phone on their person.

Apparently, in 2011, mobile phone radiation was classified by OMS as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ there is currently no global scientific consensus on this subject. This lack of clarity and regulation means that nothing is being done to protect mobile phone users.

So the patch does the following:

The majority know from physics that metal objects interfere with electromagnetic waves. FAZUP makes this process controllable through 2 solutions:

  • A specific form of FAZUP contour which is designed to work (or interfere) with all basic frequency bands (2G, 3G, 4G) used all over the world. That is band optimisation.
  • A specific position for each phone model is found through the in-lab Near-Field Radiation (NFR) Pattern Measurement. This test consists of an empiric selection of the position of the patch which reduces radiation emissions while keeping high network signal quality. Our aim is not to make the radiation as low as possible, but to decrease it to a safe level, keeping the user within a safe range (a marginal impact on signal quality rarely occurs with mobile phones with low network sensitivity and at the limit of network coverage). That is position optimisation.

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