Is our life better with new technology or without?

Our life has changed significantly thanks to modern technology. But what’s your opinion? Has it made things better? Let’s compare life with technology and without, and try to define what’s better!

Nowadays, we live in a world full of new technologies, and it’s hard to imagine how people lived without it. Needless to say, our life has changed significantly – we have got new gadgets, cars, tools, etc. Young people are happy with changes and probably can’t understand how life went on without it. Older people, on the other hand, probably say that life was simpler and better before all these gadgets cam along.

We decided to compare and decide… was our life better without all improvements delivered by new technology? Or is it “cool” to live in a world where everything changes constantly like someone is just using a magic wand. Let’s imagine how several spheres of our life looked without technology, and compare them to now. It’s obvious that we have got a lot of new with tech, but have we lost something important, and we don’t see it still?

Pros and cons of technology in our everyday life

Let’s compare our life with modern technology and without:

  1. Communication. We have got almost unlimited opportunities to communicate thanks to a fast and constant Internet connection. People can talk to their friends and relatives form anywhere in the world via Skype. They can use Facebook, or create group chats and discuss various things on Viber.Before all this, I doubt people would have imagined that live video calls and so much instant sharing would’ve been possible. People could only could talk in person, or on phone the phone. Because of this relatives and friends were actually meeting each other almost every day. In the flesh. People visited each other more often because they simply didn’t have any other way of seeing and talking to each other. They didn’t have Facebook and they wouldn’t be able to see what their friends and relatives were up to, so they actually had to have… a conversation!Now people just open a social network and view or comment on updates.

    Another way that the older generation used to communicate is via letters. Writing their thoughts and feelings on paper, then going to the post office to send it. That might seem boring and slow for some, but there’s a certain element of romance to it.

    Because of the instant and constant channels of communication, many kids tend to spend less time outside now. They play video games instead of playing with other children. They dream about expensive gadgets instead of having pets, they don’t see a need to learn to write because they can type everything on the computer.

  2. Kids being active. Many years ago, as we mentioned just now, kids used to spend a lot more time outside. Now, and even at this time of year when the sun is out, some kids prefer to sit inside on a Playstation or an Xbox. Kids will tell you that, with games like Fortnite and other online games, they can still communicate and interact with others. They can wear headsets and they can talk live with each other as if they were in the same room. It’s a marked change from the technology of a few years ago, where gaming would be a more solitary activity. However, the older generation will probably still tell you that it’s not quite the same as running around and playing outside. Back before technology was so popular and easy to access, kids would have to go out on the street and actually go and visit friends. They’d have proper conversations and play many different games – not just one game.
    Plus, let’s not forget, kids were actually running around, so there was less of an obesity problem. Running around meant that your burned calories, but now we’ve got fitness trackers to encourage and monitor activity, and they target children to try and get them off the sofa and onto their bikes or scooters. When coupled with fitness apps, we’re now using technology to fix the problems that technology has actually brought to us in the first place.
  3. Education. If to compare students from schools a number of years ago to those in modern life, these are two big differences. Nowadays, children can order homework online from my writers, and professional authors can create papers for you. People didn’t have that before, and without computers and the Internet, things were a lot more difficult. You couldn’t just Google something. You had to go to the library and find a book. Then you’d probably find out that everybody else in your class was after the same book anyway, and you’d have to wait for it. Student would have to write everything down in their textbooks.Likewise, teachers didn’t use computers either. There was no iPad, no laptop, no fancy projectors or interactive whiteboards. Nowadays students have unlimited opportunities for studying. They can attend lessons with their laptops instead of a pile of books, or they even can perhaps choose distance studying from home. Even if you’re not at school, you can now get a University degree or learn a new skill in your own time via online learning. Just do a bit at a time and you can achieve a qualification whilst you do your normal job.

  4. Medicine. Nowadays, technologies have changed medicine and have taken it to a new level. Doctors can treat many serious diseases, including diabetes, AIDS, cancer. 


We don’t have a time machine, but you can change your environment. You can choose to take care of nature, to spend less time on technology and to improve your communication with people. It’s worth showin your children that sometimes it’s even useful to spend a couple of days without all those modern gadgets.