Xbox Adaptive Controller Announcement

Playing Video games is something that everyone has tried on their console, PC or mobile device. Whether that’s Candy Crush, Battlefield, Gran Turismo or the game which has took the scene by storm – Fortnite. But accessibility to video games in the past has primarily relied on opposable thumbs that function how we perceive they should.



Unfortunately for a lot of gamers this is not the case. They may have a condition which limits the control of their body or be in an accident that has hurt their motor skills. What I am trying to say is that this is a very sensitive topic. I want to do it justice by introducing you to the new device announced by Microsoft’s gaming division, Xbox.


The Xbox adaptive controller is a controller which is customisable to meet the needs of the user. On the rear of the controller you’ll find 19 3.5mm Jack ports which accommodate buttons on the standard Xbox controller. Making these buttons external puts the user in an easier situation if they need the buttons in a unique location for them to use.

Microsoft has done things in the past to help with accessibility which is called Co-Pilot. This function has been on the console since early 2017 and lets the user combine two controllers into one. This feature makes much more sense with the adaptive controller which is due to come out later this year at a price of £74 ($99). We will see more of this device plus and lots of games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 because that is a mouthful, in early June. Currently the only colour we have seen is white. This makes sense because Microsoft seem to be pushing out the older Xbox One which was only launched in black in favour of the Xbox One S, which is only available in base white or the Minecraft Special edition.

Watch the video below to see the announcement trailer, go HERE to read some of the touching stories of how this device is already helping people and HERE to the Xbox Wire announcement page.