A new network coming soon – Zevvle

A network promising to bring simplicity and enhanced support. That’s what on the cards from startup Zevvle. They tell me that they’ll remove unnecessary fees and misguided features.

It’ll be using the EE network, so you know that coverage will be good, and they intend to launch later this year offering purely SIM-only contracts.

Founder Nick Goodall tells us…

Nobody wants a phone contract, but everybody wants to use their phone, so why make it difficult? People shouldn’t suffer from ridiculous bills; the system is broken. What does it really cost if I go over my contract or go abroad? Nobody knows, and we’re going to change that.

Zevvle promises fair and transparent pricing plus online, in-app or SMS support. Additional spending will be capped and they’re offering you the chance to register your interest on their website, so head over and get your email address down to be notified when they’re up and running.